Why Does Your Logo Matter?


Now, when a lot of people hear the word brand, they instantly think about logo design. After all, if you picture a silhouette of an apple with a bit taken out of it, what do you associate it with? And, while logos play an extremely important role, branding goes so much deeper than mere aesthetics.

Branding represents your past, present, and future. It’s how your customers (and everyone else, for that matter) think of you. So, if you want to get more business, keep existing customers happy, and make more profits in the long run, then here is why you need to invest in your brand:

  • Stand out from the crowd. Without a brand, no one will know who you are. Just like a tree in the middle of a forest, it’s surround by a thousand more identical trees, so it never stands out. On the other hand, imagine a large oak tree standing tall and proud in the middle of a field. Anyone can see it and everyone knows it’s there. Creating a strong brand is like leaving the forest and being like the oak tree. It sets you apart from the competition and allows people to notice you.
  • A brand is a chance to tell your story. Use fun colors in your logo design if you’re selling a bright product that appeals to kids. Make informative YouTube videos if you want to demonstrate that you’re an expert authority in your industry. If you’re a business owner, you can let your personality shine through if you embody what your brand is all about.
  • Your brand builds trust. People want to do business with people they are familiar with. If you do a good job then people will associate it with your brand. You’ll no longer have to make an effort to sell. Just seeing your logo design will evoke positive feelings.
  • Get recognized. Having a strong brand is like being an A-list celeb. Why do you think so many people flock to the cinema to watch a Will Smith, or Tom Cruise movie? Even if they don’t know anything else about a movie, just hearing their name will be enough to get them in line to buy a cinema ticket. Recognition goes a long way. You can be driving anywhere in the world, and just by catching a glimpse of the yellow arches, you know a McDonalds is nearby.
  • People pay more for a brand. It’s been proven again and again. If there are two exact products on the shelf in the supermarket, which one are people more likely to buy? It’s always the one that has the more attractive branding. Every time! In addition, if you have a reputable brand you can charge more and make even more money for your business.

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