Your Audience Wants Creative Ads

Child playing with cardboard box TV



The goal of marketing is to get the interest of the buyers and this isn’t totally easy because of how humans are. However, you can smoothly get the attention of people by persuasiveness and Oddball Creative is just the right advertising agency for you. Oddball Creative, located in Owensboro, KY, is an advertising agency that is shaking things up in digital marketing. Now, how and what does Oddball Creative do to help promote your product or service? We, as an advertising agency, take things to a whole new level with content that cannot be overlooked.

To get the attention of people, there has to be creativity. You can’t come with regular stuff and expect the masses to be intrigued. The audience has to feel you because no matter how great and awesome your product or service is, if the people can’t relate or if they aren’t excited or intrigued, promotion effectiveness will be minimal. Here’s something that everybody can relate with; emotions. Everyone has emotions and for us to be persuaded to do things emotions must be involved and triggered. Take the emotion of happiness for example, everyone wants to be happy and naturally loves to laugh. Marketing with content that is funny triggers emotions and promote businesses quicker than marketing with boring content.

As a matter of fact, if the content is boring people lose interest. Oddball Creative won’t let that happen. We are not just skillful when it comes to digital marketing, we skillfully engage the mind of the people. Apart from humor, letting people know that you care about them and understand their pain is useful, because the implication of a brand understanding your pain is that the brand can help in curing the pain. People would rather go for a product/service that strikes them as understanding than go for seemingly uncaring ones. We perfectly understand consumer behavior and with that, we have an “in” with consumers. If you truly understand your consumers, promotion will be easy.

You can just tell people about your product or service and you may be a very persuasive person, but there is a lot to achieve when you use digital technologies. Digital marketing methods which include search engine optimization [SEO], search engine marketing [SEM], email marketing, social media marketing, targeted display, and the likes have taken over as the world advances and it has proven to be efficient. Digital marketing these days isn’t restricted to internet channels but also extends to non-internet channels, as long as they provide digital media. Why this? well, it allows you to reach a targeted audience at a measurable and cost-efficient way.   

We are located at Owensboro, KY, but you don’t have to be in Owensboro, KY to reach us. You can reach us via our website. Contact us today and watch your product/service bloom!